1934: Jensen Motors, coach builders.

1950-1957: Jensen Interceptor (1).

1966-1976: Jensen Interceptor (2), Chrysler 6.3 litre V8, later 7.2 litre.
red SP version
1972 Interceptor SP
1966-1971: The Jensen FF with the race-proven Formula Ferguson four wheel drive system (4WD), and Dunlop Maxaret anti-lock brakes (ABS), set new safety standards for road cars. It was in production until 1971.
transfer case diagram
The diagram shows the principles of the 4WD system and transfer case; it is schematic only, and is not to scale! Torque is split front to rear 37:63, unless wheel-spin occurs.
very dark green car
An FF in 2022, note the double louvres
A 1971 Jensen FF Mk2 coupe sold for £110,400 at Bonhams Goodwood Revival Auction on 18/9/2021.
1972-1976: Jensen Healey sports car, 16-valve, 2-litre Lotus engine.
red soft-top

1976: End of Jensen Motors.

1998: Creative Group, automotive engineering & design consultants, held the Jensen name and a prototype Jensen S-V8 was shown at the London Motor Show in moves to revive the marque. Sadly, this development failed ~2002.

2010: 'Jensen International Automotive Ltd.' (JIA) of Thame, Oxfordshire, was formed "to develop the Jensen Interceptor S" (and later the 'R'), a "re-engineered" olde Interceptor with a 6.2-litre GM V8. (JIA seemed to be still operating in 2023.)

2011, September: CPP Global Holdings announced that it was to build an all new "Jensen" Interceptor in Coventry (at an ex-Jaguar site, Browns Lane) for Healey Sports Cars Switzerland Ltd. (HSCS), starting 2012 for sale in 2014. CPP (Coventry Prototype Panels) owns Bowler, the maker of hard-core off-roaders, and builds aluminium chassis for Spyker sports cars; Bowler was bought by Jaguar Land-Rover in 2019. (As of 2023 this new Jensen seems to be not-heard-of since about 2015.)

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