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a60 is an algol60 interpreter / translator into C                 199x

try   man a60

the C include file, for I/O etc, is in

From ivan at Wed Jun 15 10:20:46 1994
From: Ivan Fris (ivan at
Subject: Re: Algol compiler/translator for Unix or DOS

About 2 years ago someone, posted that a60 is available on

                README:                                 September 1990
                                                        February  1992

This is the Algol 60 interpreter NASE A60 (still around version 0.16).
Made for real fun and call-by-name.

The NASE A60 interpreter is free software.  See the file COPYING for
copying permission.

About compiling and installation see the file INSTALL.

NASE A60 is based on the ``Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language
Algol 60'' (The file RRA60.txt contains a source form of the
report; it is not covererd by the COPYING permissions).

The io-section of the interpreter is not complete at all, but basic
things are still working.
About the interpreter there is still the a60.texinfo documentation,
but not finished at all - sorry.

Additional there is the ``xa60'' frontend: a simple edit-and-go X11

In the micro directory are additional Makefiles for compiling for
MSDOS, etc.

Have fun.
Erik Schoenfelder (schoenfr at

Scotty: Captain, we din' can reference it!
Kirk:   Analysis, Mr. Spock?
Spock:  Captain, it doesn't appear in the symbol table.
Kirk:   Then it's of external origin?
Spock:  Affirmative.
Kirk:   Mr. Sulu, go to pass two.
Sulu:   Aye aye, sir, going to pass two.

        examples/README:                                Oct 1990
Some more examples in Algol 60.
The script ``'' executes one after another (giving a lot of
The teul[12].a60 example is taken from `ALGOL Praktikum, Dr. Karl
Nickel, 1964' and had needed several minutes to run (cannot recognize the
correct times).
Erik Schoenfelder (schoenfr at

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