1977: John Foers, Foers Engineering, made the 'Nomad' — van and utility (pickup) — based on the (original) Mini.

1985: The 'Triton' 3-door estate (station wagon) using parts from the Metro.

1988: Foers Engineering, Vehicle Manufacturers, Gateway Industrial Estate, The Gateway, Parkgate, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S62 6JL, UK, launched the 'Ibex' 4WD based on Land-Rover mechanical parts.
(And Del Tech, Rotherham, took over the Nomad and Triton — [Geo00].)

2000: Launch of the Ibex 6x6.

2004: Ricardo Special Vehicles, Shoreham, West Sussex briefly took over manufacture of the Ibex.

2006: Foers Engineering, Hexham, Northumberland, NE47 8HJ, UK, [www][2018].
Manufacture of the 'Ibex F8' 4WD.

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