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The Austin Gipsy was a rival to the Land-Rover four wheel drive in the late 1950s and the 1960s. It was more sophisticated than the Land-Rover in the suspension department in particular. The Gipsy's suspension was independent all round by trailing arms with `Flexitor' rubber springs: the rubber was contained in a large diameter tube attached to the chassis and was "tortured" as the trailing arms moved; some trailers and caravans use a similar system today. The differentials were chassis mounted. Power was by the 2.2L ohv Austin A70 engine, tuned for torque.

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Most Gipsies were made as soft-tops. (The hard-top pictured is a conversion.) They came in both long (111") and short (90") wheel-base forms.

rear sus
rear suspension

Independent suspension leads to less ground clearance when heavily laden and had an image of lacking ruggedness - at that date. Later models of the Austin Gipsy had live axles in response. They also used the 2.9L A90 engine.

The greatest weakness of the Austin Gipsy, as compared to a Land-Rover, was its steel bodywork which soon gained a reputation for rust (this was something that Land-Rover was keen to point out). For this reason good examples are rare and a nice one might make a good restoration prospect for someone in search of an unusual four wheel drive - L. A11ison

Engine (diesel)
Type22D(Series I), 22U(Series II)
Number of cylinders4
B.H.P. at governed speed55 at 3,000rpm
Bore3.25in. (82.6mm)
Stroke4.0in (101.6mm)
Capacity2.2 litres (2178cc)
Valve rocker clearance (hot or cold)012in (.305mm)
Compression ratio20:1
Injection order1,3,4,2
Static injection timing28BTDC at spill cut-off
Venturi control unitC.A.V. BEP.K42.42.111S
Fuel injection pumpC.A.V.BPE.4A.65.U210.S6355EL
Governor (neumatic)C.A.V.BEP.BMZ.80A.131
Fuel ift pumpA.C mechanical
Fuel injector nozzlesC.A.V.Pintaux BDN.12.SP6A
Fuel injector nozzle holdersC.A.V.BKB.35.S668
Fuel filterC.A.V. Type F2/9
Heater plugsLodge DD2/3
Engine (petrol)
Type22D(series I), 22N(series II)
Number of cylinders4
Bore3.125in (79.4mm)
Stroke4.38 (111.1mm)
Capacity134.1cu. in. (2199cc)
B.H.P.62 at 4,100rpm
Maximum torque110lb. ft. at 1,500rpm
Compression ratio6.8:1
Firing order1,3,4,2
ValvesOverhead, pushrod operation
Valve timing:
Inlet opens5 BTDC
Inlet close45 ABDC
Exhaust opens40 BBDC
Exhaust closes10 ATDC
Valve clearance (hot or cold)012in (.30mm)
TypeWet sump
PumpGear type
Pressure (hot)50lb./
Sump capacity (diesel, inc filter)9 3/4 pints (5.53 litres)
Sump capacity (petrol, inc filter)11 1/4 pints (6.38 litres)
Filter capacity1 1/4 pints (.7 litre)
Cooling system
TypePressurized to 7 lb./
CirculationPump, fan, and thermostat
Normal operating temperature164F (73C)
Capacity21 pints (12 litres)
Fuel system
PumpA.C. Sphinx 'U'
CarburetterZenith downdraught
Model34W1A (later models 34W1A-2)
Main jet130 (122, model 34W1A-2)
Power jet100
High speed bleed60
Idle tube50
Tank capacity13 gallons (59 litres)
Ignition system
TypeLucas 12-volt
Contact breaker gap014- .016 in.
Static ignition timing6 1/2 BTDC
Sparking plugsChampion XN8
Plug gap025 in.
MakeBorg & Beck
TypeDry plate with spring center
Diameter (petrol)9 in.
Diameter (diesel)10 in.
Method of operationHydraulic
Type4 speed synchromesh
Gear ratios
Reverse5.17:1 (no synchromesh)
Oil capacity4 pints
Transfer box
High1:1 (two or four wheel drive)
Low2.02:1 (four wheel drive only)
Oil capacity3 1/2 pints
Propeller shaft
MakeHardy spicer
TypeOpen shaft
Front and rear axles
TypeHypoid bevel
Oil capacity3 pints
Rear axle oil capacity (L.W.B. only)2 1/2 pints
Axle gear ratio5.125:1
Overall gear ratios
High gear5.125, 7.021, 12.043, 20.756
Low gear10.352, 14.182, 24.326, 41.927
TypeCam and lever
Track toe in3/32 in.
AdjustmentScrew and shim
Oil capacity7/8 pint
Type S.W.B & L.W.B.Trailing arm on flexitor units
L.W.B rearSemi-elliptic leaf springs
Castor angle3 1/2 deg at 5 cwt. (254 kg.)
Camber angle1 1/2 deg
Swivel pin inclination12 deg
Front shock absorbers
Rear shock absorbers
TypeTelescopic or lever
Foot brakeHydraulically operated with two
leading shoes on front wheels
Drum diameter10 in.
Hand brakeMechanical on rear wheels only
Type16x5.00 pressed steel disc,
five-stud mounting
Wheel nut torque100 lb. ft.
Electrical equipment
TypeLucas 12 volt
Battery (petrol)51-amp-hr. GTW9A/3 (later models C40/1)
Battery (diesel)Two 6 volt, 95-amp-hr. MT15E/6
DynamoC39PV/2 (late models C40/1)
Starter motorM418G
Cut-out and regulatorRB106/2
Fuse unitSF6
Direction indicatorsFL5
Windscreen wipersFW2
Overall length: SWB139 in.
Overall length: LWB160 in.
Overall height73 1/2 in.
Overall width66 3/4 in.
Wheelbase: SWB90 in.
Wheelbase: LWB111 in.
Approx weight24 cwt. (1219 kg.)
- Jeff Miller
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